We are pleased to introduce “The Drifter”. The all aluminum construction and lightweight camper built for whatever you can throw at it! It’s proportioned perfectly for mid-sized trucks, providing space and comfort without compromising weight or drivability.


From concept to reality, establishing our business, setting up our shop, and securing a patent pending design – it has been a long road!  We started designing and building prototypes about 1-1/2 years before launching Vagabond Outdoors in March of 2018.  It involved beta testing the campers in different environments and making many refinements that were incorporated into the Drifter.

Our extensive testing and habitual over-analysis was worth it.  Over the past year, Drifters have traveled on customer’s trucks across the United States, from Canada to Baja, and have been on some of the toughest trails.  The campers performed exactly as designed.  A tough and versatile 4-season camper with a very comfortable living space.